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Behaviour support: provision by Australian disability service providers

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Publications will be posted here when available.


DCI researchers

Research partners

  • Concept Psychology Services – Dr Glenn Kelly

  • Deakin University – Dr Peter Kremer


This research, led by Dr Alinka Fisher, will help to gain a snapshot of behaviour support provision by Australian service providers. A national online survey has been completed by those who are responsible for writing/developing individual behaviour support plans for people living in community settings in Australia (including schools and residential care). The data will then be used in the future to compare with responses at different time points in order to track the development of behaviour support practices within Australia over time.


As little is known about the breadth and diversity of behaviour consultants in Australia, this survey will assist in building a national profile of practices and will contribute to shaping a better disability service system.


An easy-read resource for this project is not currently available.

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