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Post-parental housing transitions among adults with intellectual disability

Project Details

Funding partner

Australian Research Council (Linkage) (LP200200326)


2021 - 2024


Publications will be posted here when available.


DCI researchers

Flinders University researchers

  • Dr Claire Hutchinson

Research partners

  • La Trobe University – Professor Christine Bigby

  • University of Melbourne – Associate Professor Ilan Wiesel

  • National Disability Services – Emily Forrest

  • Bedford Phoenix Inc

  • genU

  • Office for Ageing Well


This project aims to address the urgent issue of growing numbers of older people with intellectual disability (ID) outliving their parent carers who have not put future care plans in place. This project expects to generate a national evidence-based framework for ensuring successful post-parental housing and care transitions. By using a three-phase mixed methodology design conducted in three Australian cities, expected outcomes of the project include the development of an Australian-first evidence-based resource kit which should provide significant benefits for older people with ID, their family carers and the disability sector.


This project will advance knowledge by generating a national framework from which governments, the disability, housing, and ageing sectors can base policy and practice responses to address the housing needs of adults with ID and their older family members. It will ensure Australia is at the forefront of policy and practice regarding transitions to post-parental housing and living arrangements in urban areas. By supporting a shift from a crisis-driven approach to best practice in transition planning, this project will assist in the cost-effective allocation of resources to support transitions of adults with ID. This will reduce demand for costly and often harmful crisis interventions (such as mental health and crisis accommodation), allowing advanced planning of necessary long-term housing assistance, personal support and other services.


Download this resource for the project if you work in the disability sector:

Stage_1 Participant information sheet/consent form

Download the easy-read resources for this project:

Stage 1 Participant Information sheet/consent form 

Stage 2 Participant Information sheet/consent form

View this easy English video to learn more about the Australian Research Council Linkage Project 'Choosing the way forward'.

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